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Contact Information

If you have questions regarding Alert Europe, and cannot find the answer on this website, please send an e-mail to

Alert Europe Foundation
Peter Treckpoelstraat 4
6191VK Beek
+31(0)46 43 70 886
RSIN: 852414201

Our goal

The Alert Europe Initiative is a non-profit foundation with charitable status under Dutch Law, and the EU expert initiative on Alerting.

Alert Europe’s primary goal is to save lives by improving the safety of the EU citizens.

The official name of the Alert Europe Foundation is Stichting Alert Europe. The RSIN Information number is 852414201

Current strategy

Alert Europe aims to save lives and improve the safety of the EU citizens by:

  • Providing a knowledge & cooperation hub in the field of alerting - Creating a solid basis for ongoing, sustainable cooperation between NGOs and police/ government organizations from across the EU with expertise on crime (also child)/ crisis/ terror alerting, as well as industry and educational/ research organizations with (technical) expertise on topics such as building safety communities & crowdsourcing and language independent alerting, and people (primarily EU citizens). Allowing these different people and organizations to share ideas and knowledge via the Alert Europe knowledge & cooperation hub.
  • Strengthen crossborder cooperation in the field of alerting - Alert Europe believes European and transnational cooperation and sometimes even interconnection of alerting systems is needed to cope with the growing cross border nature of crime, terror and crises.
  • Developing and contributing to EU best practices - To develop and contribute to common alerting approaches, best practices, international standards and strategies, and pilot/ exemplary projects such as RijnmondVeilig and AMBER Alert Europe.

Alert Europe is a non-profit organization.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors has the overall responsibility for the corporate governance of the Alert Europe Foundation, including its strategic direction.

Frank Hoen
President & Chairman

As the founder of AMBER Alert Netherlands, Frank Hoen has developed the Dutch official nationwide alert system for urgent cases of missing children and child abductions. The Dutch AMBER Alert mobilizes over 1.9 million people within minutes after the urgent disappearance of a child. Frank Hoen also is one of the people behind AMBER Alert Europe (the European Child Rescue Alert Initiative) and RijnmondVeilig, a crossmedial, highly innovating alerting platform piloted in the Rotterdam area, informing and alerting 1.1 million people when disaster strikes. An authority on emergency and alerting communication, Frank Hoen is a renowned speaker in the fields of the use of digital signage and social media as a crime alert, missing children alert or crisis alert.

Reward policy

Board membership is an honorary post. Alert Europe Board Members are entitled to reimbursement of expenses incurred in function.

Annual & financial report

The Alert Europe Foundation was founded on January 23, 2013.

Our annual report 2013 can be found here (in PDF).

Our annual report 2014 can be found here (in PDF).

Our annual report 2015 can be found here (in PDF).

Our annual report 2016 can be found here (in PDF).

Our annual report 2017 can be found here (in PDF).